Black Judas

Black Judas


Is a new projekt, that makes stright heavy metal

With members from:

Black Diamond, Sinnity, Demolator

We have found a combination that feels right.


When Black Diamond got back to Sweden from USA

The members desided to split up

But Mange and Micke wanted to continue to play music

All of you thats ones played live, know what we are talking about.


The search began by looking for a singer and a basplayer

Mange reached out to his old basplayer from Demolator, Dennis

He was not very hard to convince

Now the question was, who would support Mange on guitar

Dennis asked his friend Henrik

And the setup was complete...


The search for a singer took a little bit longer time

But at last we found just the right guy for the mission

The power in this guys voice is huge!

From the softest of notes 

To the most brutal scream...

He fits right in to what we searched for.

So we welcome Måns to the Black Judas family


We have luts of fun when we meet up

And now when the gigs are starting to come our way

The joy of playing is at the top!


Hope to see you out there 


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